Plastic, the material
of the future

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Whether you’re shopping, exercising, travelling or at home – plastic makes all the difference.

Standard plastics

Universal and versatile – there is no way around PVC and polyolefins. Give us a call.



Plasticisers, optical brighteners, TiO2. Our additives will optimise your product.


Fully compostable plastic materials are no longer a dream of the future, but our passion project.



Resource friendly and sustainable. Recyclates are the material of the future that we are already working with today.

Standard plastics Additives Bioplastics Recyclates

About us

As an owner-managed mid-size company, we are deeply rooted in the international market. Our reliable network allows us to source raw materials flexibly and at the best value from all over the world.
We focus on tailor-made solutions for customers in the industry.

With more than three decades of global market experience we are your reliable partner in the field of plastics and recycling. Our team is happy to provide you with individual and long-term support. We will find the solution for your project.

Circular economy

Circular economy and the responsible use of resources are important to us not only as a trading company in the plastics sector, but as individuals as well. Together with our subsidiary, Polyten Recycling GmbH in Bad Oeynhausen, it is our aim to actively contribute to the minimisation of the use of natural resources.


In the interest of sustainability, we are conducting research and development in the field of bio plastics. Together with our partner PANARA s.r.o. in Slovakia we are working on offering a 100 % biodegradable plastic material to our customers, minimising our collective footprint and promoting the long-term health of our planet.
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